About the Family
From left to right it is Neal, Alison, Woody, Scott, Ozzie

About the Family

Total Energy Solutions LLC is a family-owned business that has been in business for 6 years.

Total Energy Solutions is owned and operated by two brothers, Scott and Neal Weintraub. Growing up in Merritt Island, FL we spent most days on the beach or in the rivers. We learned to care about the environment and were interested in providing a service that focused on a healthy planet via sustainability and energy efficiency, while helping people live more comfortable lives. Total Energy Solutions is a real family business, with both brothers as equal owners as well as installers, and our sister Alison as the marketing manager. Woody and Ozzie are the co-Presidents of the company and emphasize the importance of high quality work, customer service and dog treats. All three of us treat every job as if we were working in our parent's home so the customer is never overcharged, misled or left with poor workmanship. We believe in working together to build a better future for the planet and the people on it, one home at a time.

We came from a family that bought rental properties and fixed them up themselves for 20 years, so we have been around insulation and other services for a majority of our lives. We decided in 2016 to go into energy efficiency because we believe it is the future.

Total Energy is proud to offer great customer service and complete honesty and transparency to all customers and potential customers. There is no hesitation when the professional assessment says the customer may not even need insulation, and we are always happy to recommend the proper services necessary from other local companies we work closely with. Customers appreciate that when they call us someone is always there to answer the phone and their questions. If a question can't be answered right away, the person with the right information will call back the same day with the proper answers.

Our goal is to build an energy efficiency company with the best customer service in the industry. We want to provide folks an environment where they get someone when they call, get the best materials and workmanship, and get a warranty on all of our services that provide energy efficiency and an increase in home comfort for decades. We envision growing into providing solar and other types of services such as windows and doors, to continue our mission of creating a healthy planet for generations to come.